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Scripture Study Group

Scripture study group sign up sheets are in the back of both churches. Study will include watching a DVD, discussion and study of Acts of the Apostles. We are looking at beginning the week of October 15 for 5 weeks. A study guide is with the sign up sheets for you to look over the format. We will select parts to use. The next 5 weeks will be in January or February.

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday (typically the first Wednesday of the month) is for EVERY PARISHIONER. This year we are enhancing the prayer experience to allow us to come closer to Jesus. Come and be spiritually fed! Please join us at St. Mary’s Parish Center at 6:45 p.m. on these evenings!  Check the calendar tab for listings or go to http://stmaryofthesevendolors.com/?page_id=170 for the Family Faith Formation schedule!

Uniform Shirts

Amber Brown will take your child’s uniform shirts you do not use anymore and they will be available for others to purchase for $2.00 each.  The money will go to SMARTS and be used for items the school may need.  If you have any shirts to donate you can drop them off at Amber’s home or call or text her at 402.992.2085.  You may also send them to school to give to Xander or Abby.