SMARTS (St. Mary’s Association Representing Teachers and Students)

We are the parents of the students attending St. Mary’s School.  We volunteer to help the teachers, staff and students out whenever possible.  We invite you to be an active part of this group and support our teachers in the great job they are doing with our children.  Grandparents and parishioners are also welcome to join. If you are interested you may contact a school parent.

Here are somethings we do to show our support!

School Kickoff: The School Kickoff is usually held the last part of August or early September. We welcome the students and teachers back and help out where needed.

Clergy Appreciation Day: This day is celebrated the second Sunday in October. We show our Priest and Deacon how much we appreciate all they do for our Parish and School.

We will be serving a breakfast of some type starting in November of 2017 to raise money for our SMARTS Group.

Catholic Schools Week Kickoff and Week Activities: The Catholic School’s Week Kickoff is usually held the last Sunday of January. This is a week dedicated to show our faith, love and support for our Catholic School.

We host a book fair for the school and parish. This is a fundraiser for our SMARTS group so we are able to assists the school with extras throughout the year.

Secretary’s Day: Secretary’s Day is in April. We show our secretary at school how much we appreciate her. She really does a lot for our school.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Teacher Appreciation Week is a Monday – Friday in May. This is a week dedicated to our great teachers and staff. We try to do something special each day to help them out and show them how much we appreciate them.

At the beginning of the year we ask the teachers and staff for a wish list. Things that would help make their classrooms a more educational and fun place to learn. This may be school supplies, learning tools, playground equipment, etc. The SMARTS group, parents or parishioners may purchase these items for them.

We remember the teachers and staff on their birthdays with a treat.