If there are any adults from the community interested in being a part of Quest, please have them contact any member of the Core Team.  For Quest to remain viable, it takes the involvement of adults. It is always a great help if we have adults who are willing to chaperone the boys or girls dorm rooms overnight.  What a blessing it is when we have volunteers for the dorm as it allows the adults on the team to focus on other chores and to get a good nights sleep.  The adult volunteers will need to be Safe Environment Trained.  To get trained please contact Joanne Ekberg or one of the people listed below.  A real big “Thank you” to all who have helped in the past.

Please keep Quest in your prayers.
Quest Core Group Contact Information:

Austin & Chelsea Preister                                     Joanne Ekberg

Cell:  402-270-7250                                               Cell:  402-841-1379                                


Melissa Thalken                                                      Gene Schumacher

Cell:  402-270-1743                                                Cell:  402-564-0258                               


Deacon Paul Weeder                                            Charlie Wozny

Cell:  402-741-1353                                               Cell:  402-270-4357

Home:  402-395-6105                                          Home:  402-563-1784                         


Tom Ruskamp                                                         LeRoy Shelden

Cell:  402-380-2347                                               Cell:  402-640-1930